• COMMITTED (not interested) to Tripple (x3) or Quadruple (x4) or + MORE your business in the next year.
  • Ability to meet for a weekly call, every. single. week. 52 calls. 30 minutes max. We will schedule them around holidays.
  • Focused on your daily number and committed to it every day.
  • Team Leaders or Individual Agents are welcome!
  • Focused growth in only 1 or 2 markets max. (Not a growth group for a broker expanding company into multi markets or states)
  • In business a minimum of 2ish years showing some rapid growth previously.
  • Must be able to use SLACK. We will create a slack group to "mastermind" real growth ideas and strategies in context so that it is easy to follow.
  • Honest and Accountable. It should go without saying really, but if we aren't honest about our challenges nor accountable to our wins and losses in this tightly knit group, it just won't work.
  • Starting as soon as possible in December 2016.
  • Growth is defined in volume, unit, GCI increases, and most importantly, net money in your pocket increases!
  • Please note that you will be removed from the group for lack of participation or contribution.

If you are seriously committed to grow your business in 2017 AND are willing to put in the WORK, the #hustle, sign up below.