In the old days, your neighbors would watch you move in, might give you a hand, introduce themselves and force their kids to say "hi", tell them not to touch your stuff and to listen to what you tell them. They may even bring a casserole. There are still some neighborhoods like that but now we are a society with different work hours, more traveling jobs, and the communities we live in are often online.  Our culture has shifted. So, how do we connect with our neighbors when we don't know their name yet? 

There are a lot of great ways: neighborhood bbqs, cocktail parties, dropping off "Hi, I'm your neighbor" notes to your neighbors who aren't home, garage or yard sales, take casseroles, etc. But here is an idea that is even easier. Join the social network: Nextdoor. 

Nextdoor is a social network that uses your location and verifies you as a neighbor and places you into a network with your neighbors and in your area. Nextdoor allows you to make post updates in these categories: 

  • Classifieds 
  • Crime & Safety
  •  Documents 
  • Free Items
  • General Info and News
  • Lost & Found 
  • Recommendations 
  • Emergency / urgent alerts

This is a great resource to meet & connect with your neighbors, stay up to date with what is going on in your neighborhood, and begin to build a community where you live. Who knows, you may inspire some neighborhood BBQs or a "Welcoming party" for other new neighbors! Plus, being actively involved in your neighborhood and community is GREAT for property values!! Chances are that someone has already started the network in your neighborhood but if they haven't, you get some cool perks! They provide a ton of ways to invite your neighbors (like: postcards & flyers, business cards). Join by clicking this link:

AND if you are the first one to join in your neighborhood, you could get a $25 Amazon gift card!!

Nextdoor: the private social network for your neighborhood

Help strengthen your neighborhood with a Nextdoor website and get a $25 Amazon gift card....

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By Ray Ellen