"The mortgage loan process requires that you do an application to get pre-approved and these can be done over the phone, online or in person. You will want to make sure you come in with a price point in mind of either the purchase price or monthly payment." - Olivia Davis

Olivia will ask you a series of questions to help get the process started and give you a better understanding of which loans you might qualify.

"There's FHA (Federal Housing Admin) with a minimum down payment of 3.5%. Conventional, which requires at least 5% down. RD (Rural Development) loan that offers 100% financing and the VA loan that's offered to Veterans that offers up to 100% financing." - Olivia Davis

After speaking with Olivia, you receive more clarity on the type of loan that best fits your needs along with your purchase price. You think, "Gosh this is so helpful. Now I've got a better understanding of my financial situation and what price range I'll be looking in." Once you are pre-approved, you remember to call your Realtor Jessica over at The Property Group to let her know the information that you've received concerning financing along with what type of home you're looking for. You think, "I can't wait to start looking at homes!"

Once you start the search and find the home of your dreams, you'll make an offer. "I hope it gets accepted!" you think. When the offer is accepted and the terms have been negotiated, Jessica will send the signed contract over to Olivia where she will get the process started in servicing your loan.

" You can typically expect this process to take 30-45 days after an accepted offer for you to close on your home and move in. " - Olivia Davis

After you've negotiated repairs and the home appraises, Jessica along with Olivia at Arvest will walk you through the final steps to close on the loan and your new home. Once you've closed and the home is yours, don't forget that Olivia will still be available to help answer any questions you might have about your loan and your house payments. 

"I've closed on my new home! It's finally mine!" you shout with glee. Now...it's time to MOVE!

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