The moment you have been waiting for!! NOW it is time to shop for your home!

Custom MLS Search Results

We will setup a customized website just for you that will show you all of the homes that closely match your needs and wants criteria! You will be able to select your favorites, possibilities, and reject the homes that you don't like. This incredibly powerful search tool is not generally available to the public and is a direct line to the MLS so all the data is up to the minute.

Once you have selected your favorites, we talk through them, find out additional information to eliminate some, confirm others, and even locate a few more.


That's great! Shoot it to us using the share button. We will validate that the home is still active on the market and that the information provided is not a scam and is accurate. Then we will add that home to your favorites. We will "reverse engineer" this home and put it against your criteria to see what is different. Then we will contact you to see if you would like for us to remove that filter from your MLS search to see what other options may be available.

Touring Homes

With your list of favorites ready, we will set up a time to view them. If you find a home that is a "must see" then we must see it right away! We want to avoid multiple offers or worse, someone else buying it before you get a chance to make an offer. It is not uncommon for buyers that we represent to make an offer on one of the first 5 to 10 that they see. This is because we are only showing you specific properties that match your criteria and that you are actually interested in. We will not waste your time by showing homes that do not match your plan and criteria or are above or below your budget.

Compromise If Necessary

Keep in mind, there is no perfect home. Every home we see will have a wrinkle, a pimple, and a smile. The smile is why you love and buy the home, the pimple is something you work on to improve, and the wrinkle is what you learn to live with that can't be changed.

By Ray Ellen