Tom (photog), Catie (buyer specialist), RJ (admin), ]& Micah (filmmaker)

Tom (photog), Catie (buyer specialist), RJ (admin), & Micah (filmmaker)

Thank you for what you do to service our clients at the HIGHEST possible level and thank you to your families for the time they gave up so you could do what you do for our clients!

We genuinely believe that there is a better way to do real estate and we strive to express that to our clients, vendors, and other agents though how we service them, our professionalism, availability, and craftsmanship throughout the transaction. These folks are the ones who are behind the scenes pulling it all off! From finding that rare property that is a perfect fit for our clients, to managing lenders and title companies and all of their needs throughout the transaction, to highlighting a particular part of a house so it shows in the best light on the web, to capturing our story or the story of one of our listings and translating that on film; they help me service our clients at a higher level than I could possibly do alone. 

Cheers to the team,
cheers to you guys behind the scenes,
cheers to the ones with all the talent, and 

Thank You!

By Ray Ellen