72% of recent sellers contacted only one  agent before finding the right agent they worked with to sell their home.

Who are they?

No really, who are they? What are their numbers? What are their YTD Solds and average days on market? How many buyers are they working with? Do they understand the market? Have they ever had a complaint filed against them? Who have they helped in the past and what are some testimonials? Seek recommendations from actual sources or personal experiences. How do they perform? Interview them as if you were interrogating them before they represented your mama! 

What do they do? 

Check our their website, how would they market to sell your home? Ask yourself..."what are my expectations?" Are they active on social media? Check out their personal Facebook page, is their representation going to embarrass you? Do they have a Business Facebook page? can they read, understand and communicate the analytics behind real estate marketing. How much do they spend on average to market a property? Are they developing content that brings buyers and sellers to their page consistently?  Who follows up with the leads they generate? What do their back end systems look like? And who supports them? Are they trying to do everything themselves or do they have a team? 

Are they desperate? 

You may like who they are, you make like what they do, but "commission breath" can cost sellers and buyers thousands in negotiations. Are they selling enough real estate to represent you and your interest without the "short term check" mentality that will tempt them to give up your bottom dollar to get a deal closed. Is this a career or a hobby? If you feel they are only telling you what they think you want to hear, you may want to reconsider

Hire slow, fire fast!

You are selecting a representative to mange your largest investment! Review the applicants and chose the agent who will best represent you! Hire slow, fire fast!

The likelihood of a positive result increases with an informed choice. You've done your research and learned about each candidate by "testing" before you choose. Once you've gained the confidence, you're ready to make the selection. 

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, INTERVIEW US!